Human Resource Services

Talent Acquisition


Recruiting the best talent to help your business succeed and grow can be one of the most daunting human resources challenges you'll face as a business.  With years of experience in high-volume and executive talent acquisition, ENCPeople can help you find the talent you need for the long run.



Bringing on new employees to your business is a critical first step in ensuring the long term viability of the people who make up your organization.  ENCPeople can help you design a customized onboarding plan to ensure your new hires are ready to begin adding value to your business as soon as possible.

Policy, Procedure, and Process


Any business needs structure, and creating the right policies, procedures, and processes for your company can provide guidelines for your employees and protections for your investment.  ENCPeople can help you develop and deploy the right documentation to help your business stay on track and out of trouble.

Reporting & Recordkeeping


Every business needs to keep accurate records on their employees and report in compliance with local, state, and federal regulations.  ENCPeople can make sure that you have a system in place to keep your records organized, accessible, and easy to report before deadlines are looming.

People Management


The challenges of managing people can be the most difficult part of running your business.  With proven strategies to deploy, let ENCPeople help you navigate employee relations issues, performance management, and training and development to help your people grow and succeed.

Your People Resource


Adapting to different sizes and styles of businesses is what ENCPeople is all about.  Need to revise your Employee Handbook?  I can help.  Want someone on call to help you deal with unforeseen challenges?  I'm here for you.  My goal is to provide the human resource services you need for your business to thrive!